back brace for forward head posture-13 Hours Wearing A ShouldersBack Posture Brace – Report

back brace for forward head posture.

back brace for forward head posture

This is Phil from I am giving a comprehensive review about the ShouldersBack posture brace on the video. In this video I will give you a brief report wearing the ShouldersBack Posture Brace after 13 Hours and still how comfortable is that. Unlike the traditional posture correction systems, ShouldersBack is flexible and fully adjustable. If you want to see the cons and pros of the ShouldersBack system please visit Phil’s Posture Brace Review site where you can find a detailed review about posture braces.

Video Transcrition

Hello, this is Phil from and I want to show the shoulders back posture brace I have it on right here and am I spent about ah hope all day long in this about 13 hours took some notes. And I just want to share a few things that I felt would be really beneficial to you, you know if you choose to purchases. Ah the First thing is am it was really nice because it was a great reminder when I did hunched over I could feel pull and tightened and that was really nice in it. You know after a while this shoulders back posture brace kinda felt like cheating, I mean I felt like I could just have a good posture naturally and it was really correcting me, but because I couldn’t really tell how I had it on because this is just a comfortable posture brace. I kinda felt like it is cheating to have a good posture. Let’s see…..

Another one in my notes I have here is a, you notice it when you think about this posture brace but as I said before after you put it on for 30 minutes you don’t even notice it anymore. Also another thing that I noticed was ah it really helped my lower back because right here with my ah feet apart just like this I’m a posture brace on, this is correct posture. But when I wanted to lean on something or slouched or lean back to my chair any thing like that I could feel my lower back pull and that’s because the top of my posture is correct. So the bottom of my body, my core has to line up with the top half so I wasn’t comfortable my core was not aligned with my top half which is really nice because it made me correct my core posture as well.

Let see here, another thing I was able to notice was I did take a 30 minutes walk in the posture brace and it did tightened, it did right up I was able to breathe just normally. It was a great posture brace for a walk and I really enjoyed that and am, it didn’t slipped around at all when I was on it. So here just some notes I have and I did spent about 13 hours in this posture brace all day long and I just want to let you guys know ah yeah, and if you want to check the reviews and ratings in this posture brace of course I have them on my site and am hope all is going well, and hope you have a good day.


13 Hours Wearing A ShouldersBack Posture Brace - Report
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