forward head posture stretches-Nashville TN Chiropractor Helps Correct Bad Posture Naturally

forward head posture stretches.

Do you slouch? Pretty much all of us have issues with our posture. An incorrect posture, over time, will cause your spine to drift out of alignment and eventually lead to damage, stiffness, and pain. Then you end up in your doctor’s office, popping pills or even needing surgery.

If you have back pain, it may go back to your posture. Most of us stand, walk and sit in ways that put unnecessary strain on our back and neck. This is particularly true of office workers who spend extended times sitting, not always in chairs well designed for our particular physical build. Also, sleeping on your front can affect your posture – and that is one habit you may not be able to break. One common problem is “forward head posture,” where the person holds their head too far in front of their body, placing a lot of stress on their shoulders and neck. Peering at a computer screen all day can lead to or exacerbate this. In addition to back pain, this can also cause tension headaches. It can also cause muscle fatigue and aching neck pain.

Children are even susceptible to forward head posture. Over-loaded back packs can cause stress to their necks, backs and shoulders. If your child watches television on the floor with their heads angled upwards, have them adjust and sit upright.

A few other tips for helping forward head posture (FHP) are:

-Taking breaks every thirty minutes and stretching your neck and back when working

-Ensure your lower back is supported when sitting for long periods of time

-Always ensure backpacks are carried over both shoulders, not just one to help with proper weight distribution

-Eliminate any unnecessary weight in backpacks and purses

-Always be aware of your posture, make postural corrections when you find yourself slouching or improperly holding your head and neck

-Rearrange your workstation, – for example, the middle of your computer screen should be at eye level when sitting upright. Keep your computer screen between 18-24 inches away from your face

-Consider investing in an ergonomic work chair

– If your sleeping position is a problem, your chiropractor may have advice for a change of pillow – some people benefit from a neck pillow, especially side sleepers

-Talk with your chiropractor and set up regular appointments for necessary adjustments

Nashville chiropractic care can help – but you will have to do your homework. A chiropractor can adjust your neck and spine to mitigate the damage caused by your poor posture. Then they will recommend exercises and stretches you can do to improve your posture. Some of these exercises may be varying types of chin tucks and retractions to help stretch the neck muscles.

Your chiropractor may also recommend you visit a physical therapist – and in some cases they work out of the same office, which can be a real benefit.

FHP takes time to correct so following the information that your chiropractor provides you will be important to help alleviate and eliminate the pain.

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