reversing forward head posture-How to Reverse Dowager’s Hump & Forward Head Posture | Aaron Alexander | Align Method™

reversing forward head posture.

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Aaron Alexander, Owner of Align Therapy, is a world class movement coach and manual therapist.

He regularly works with both Olympic and professional level athletes to achieve optimal performance. He teaches movement based bodywork internationally and has helped thousands out of pain and into health. His approach combines mainly self-care with myofascial release techniques and functional movement practices. The system can be utilized anytime or place. His teaching at times can look like exercise but is so much more. Moving with integration will activate the body’s ability to heal itself. If you suffer from chronic pain or just want get to be stronger and faster, this is the key. We see it relieve pain, enhance sleep, mood, libido, energy, increase strength, flexibility, balance and overall well-being everyday!

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How to Reverse Dowager's Hump & Forward Head Posture | Aaron Alexander | Align Method™
Check This Out: reversing forward head posture

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